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Manjam Fund is a Shariah-compliant asset management fund focused exclusively on crypto and blockchain technology. Dedicated to the active management of digital asset-based portfolios including blockchain and cryptocurrency, we provide market insights with the full spectrum of exposure to the space.

We are the trusted partner for individuals looking to invest in classical crypto mining including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, NFTs, IDOs, ICOs, and Gold. Our mission is to accelerate the progress of blockchain positive adoption in the Middle East and North Africa. Better yet, we operate within a unique ecosystem framework while diversifying our portfolio for optimal performance.

Our Mission

To provide a Shariah-Compliant, Transparent, Diverse, and Secure blockchain investment fund.

Our Vision
  • To be an accessible investment platform for all people with various capabilities and interests.
  • To provide a space to grow ideas and empower creativity for all blockchain minds.
Why Choose Manjam?

Investments in crypto assets are extremely risky and time-consuming. These factors prevent the average user from investing in digital assets. Manjam, a trusted blockchain-based investment fund that enables anyone to invest in a diversified fund and benefit in this field without necessarily having any experience.

  • Manjam is the trusted partner for individuals interested in crypto and blockchain.
  • Manjam operates within the Shariah-compliant framework.
  • Manjam helps investors to seamlessly invest in the digital domain.
  • Manjam’s experienced team has distinctive insights into blockchain developments with growth potential.
  • Manjam’s lessons learned from Manjam 1.0 and its prior performance.
  • Classic Fund
  • Mining Fund
  • Capital Fund
  • NFT Fund
FUND of Funds
Manjam’s array of assets provides investors with comprehensive access to the digital asset world based on the investor’s risk appetite.

With the help of our funds’ specializations, we provide our investors with varied investment options. By keeping an eye on current market conditions and proper analysis we ensure that funds stay ahead in the market while adjusting fund activities.

Classic Fund

The fund specializes in investing in the following classes:

  • Class A which is a combination of the leading 2 assets in the cryptocurrency world BTC & ETH.
  • Class B has access to a range of 300+ potential Shariah compliant altcoins.
Mining Fund

The fund specializes in direct crypto mining in which specialized computers transact over the network to validate blockchain transactions for a particular cryptocoin in exchange for mining rewards. The fund offers Passive and Active investment opportunities.

Capital Fund

A venture capital specializes in investment in early-stage Shariah-compliant Blockchain projects and start-ups, specifically Web3, Blockchain Infrastructure, Education, Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Development.

NFT Fund

This fund specializes in making investments in Shariah-compliant NFT projects, including those that are based on value-based crypto assets and adhere to the fund's ethical principles and other due diligence methods for business transactions, such as artwork, gaming, and the metaverse.

Track Record
(Manjam 1.0)
MNJM 1.0

Performance exceeded the target of 30% and for some reached 300% on USD.


In some altcoins reached performance up to 1200%.


With leadingcompanies in the industry were established.

Efficient workflows

And processes were developed and implemented through the best suitable tools.

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With our dashboard you can monitor the performance and view your holdings, at any time.

Our Partners

Bait Al-Mashura (Al-Bait) is a specialized center for consultations related to finance, investment, management, Shari'ah audit, and professional training. They are the leaders in the Islamic financial advisory industry. The company has provided the initial Shariah compliance certificate for Manjam 1.0.

Crypto Halal provides information to which tokens/contracts are Shariah compliant. The company reviews projects and provides certificates to those in compliance with Shariah law.

Accounting Bookkeepers is the all-in-one financial toolkit your business can count on. The firm provides accounting services including bookkeeping, tax filing, cash flows, and reconciliations for businesses over the span of several continents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fund of funds. Manjam Fund combines Classic, Mining, NFT, Capital, and Gold. Compliant with Shariah it offers investors the opportunity to invest in any of the previously mentioned funds according to their liking and risk appetite.

Manjam will be more than happy to assist you in converting your fiat money into any digital asset of your liking and vice versa.

Trick question, each of the funds has a different operating mechanism and thus the investment rate of return and return on investment will differ. With opportunity comes risk. And the return depends on the fund’s nature.

Each fund has its own specific criteria, nonetheless each fund will associate a detailed report on its performance.

Terms and Conditions are determined clearly for each fund. There are no exit fees in the traditional sense. The main compensation for Manjam will come in the form of a profit sharing percentage if profits are realized.

An independent Shariah certified consultancy house has already reviewed all funds’ products. Crypto Halal approved funds open for investments. Compliance certificates are available upon request.

An independent 3rd party accounting firm has already been chartered for maintaining Manjam books. Accounting Bookkeepers (ABK) which handles a variety of international businesses over the span of several continents are doing the accounting and reporting for all the fund operations. (https://accountingbookkeepers.com)

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